Research Projects-Markers

Tomato Markers


Nematode (Mi-J)

Tospovirus (Sw-5)

TMV (Tm-1,Tm-2)

Verticillium wilt (Ve)

Bacterial spot disease(Bs-4)

Alternaria stem canker (Asc)

Tomato powdery mildew (Ol-1, Ol-2, Ol-4.)

Chilli Markers

Fertility restorer (Rf)

Tospovirus (Sw-5)

Potyvirus (pvr4)

Pungency (C)


Company Resources & facilities-Continued

Wide range of Germplasm: More than 32,000 lines

Production & marketing of 800 F1 Hybrid Vegetables

Seed production program is done in polyhouses, and with more than 8000 contract farmers.

Joint Venture Company in China for Seed production.

Marketing network through 1200 direct dealers & more than 18000 sub dealers spread across India.